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The family of wind instruments that produce their tone through the buzzing of the lips into a mouthpiece. The most common brass instruments are the trumpet, trombone, tuba, and french horn.

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Will a soak in mouthwash hurt mouthpieces?

I’m teaching wind instruments to grade 7 and 8’s after a decade of teaching primary music. Since covid, my school board mandates a specific cleaning solution must be used for sanitation. Brass and ...
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Did American drum corps ever utilize the tuning slide of valveless bugles for more notes?

I used to be a member of my school's drum and bugle corps in middle school whose entire brass section is composed of US regulation bugles in G (if I'm not mistaken) which are are valveless. They used ...
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Old Bugle broken?

I recently got a bugle from an auction. I don’t know much about it but the part where the mouthpiece attaches looks like this. Could this affect the ability to play it?
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History - age - of Sousaphone with brand "Symphonic"?

Our band is using an old Sousaphone which still produces a nice deep round tone. The brand "symphonic" and history (serial number 613635) however is unknown. Many musicians asked us about ...
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What are the embouchure differences for the brass family instruments?

I play trumpet, but have little to no experience on other brass instruments. In terms of the physiology involved, how does the embouchure change from one (family of) instrument to another? Are certain ...
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Logic Pro X 10.5.1...Certain articulations won't make sound?

I'm trying to do a trumpet fall articulation, and it shows up as registering even in the piano roll, but when I play it, it's silent. What's going on?
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