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The family of wind instruments that produce their tone through the buzzing of the lips into a mouthpiece. The most common brass instruments are the trumpet, trombone, tuba, and french horn.

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Remove Mouthpiece Tarnish

I have a fifty year old F.E. Olds & Sons Ambassador cornet. It lay unused for 30+ years (it is now oiled and greased properly). There is considerable tarnish on the mouthpiece and on the slides. ...
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What's a good Android app for tuning a brass instrument

I searched the Android Market for "tuner", and a massive amount of hits were returned. Can anyone recommend a tuner to use as aid for tuning a brass instrument? Most of the apps were specific for ...
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What techniques improve general ability to play fast runs on a tuba?

I play Tuba, so I don't have very many fast runs in orchestra arrangements, but there are occasionally small passages that can be challenging. I want to improve my general ability to handle such ...
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Sousaphone repair suggestions

I've recently bought a cheap battered second (probably mode) hand sousaphone on a garage sale. It is in faily bad shape, but the valves look ok. The instrument is made of a metallic grey alloy which ...
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Extending upper range on a brass instrument

I'm looking for some input into techniques that I can use to extend my range on a Euphonium. I'm able to get a top C reasonably reliably, but anything above that is just not there. What are common ...
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Is there any difference between a soprano trombone and a slide trumpet?

Occasionally, I will see people arguing about whether an instrument should be called a "soprano trombone" or a "slide trumpet" yet I have never seen any instrument designated as one as being any ...
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What are good techniques to bend notes on brass instruments

I play Eb tuba, and sometimes I come across bending down in my notes - either as an effect at the end of a note, or sometimes as a slide between two notes. I find this difficult to achieve with a good ...
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Finger techniques when playing valve brass instrument

I am playing Eb tuba with 4 valves (4th at my right hand pinky). Usually I have my fingers more or less straight out over the valves, resulting in the tips for all other than the pinky is sticking out ...
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Will my wind instrument be damaged if I leave it assembled?

Almost every teacher, expert, and book has informed me that I should disassemble my (clarinet / recorder / saxophone) each time after I practice. However, it is difficult for me to see how this would ...
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