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Section of technical virtuosity, commonly associated with classical music

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Who composed this cadenza from Mozart Piano Concerto No. 20? [closed]

The cadenza of the 3rd movement from this video (starts at minute 29:07) seems really short compared to the version composed by Beethoven I usually listen to. I've seen the same version in a recording ...
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Mazeppa: meaning of cadenza ad libitum

In Mazeppa, 4th étude of Liszt, there is cadenza ad libitum: does this mean I can compose my own cadenza, as in Mozart etc ? or that I can play those scales as many times as I want ? In Liszt's ...
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How to write a trombone cadenza?

Lately I've been working on writing a trombone concerto for an amateur composition contest. As part of that, I want to conclude the first movement with a cadenza. Since the contest requires that you ...
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How should left and right hand by synchronized in Chopin Nocturne in C# Minor [duplicate]

I have a question about which notes on the right-hand match with which notes on the left hand.
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Clef of the lower staff does not look right in Lilypond, how to fix?

I am trying to engrave a pipa piece using Lilypond 2.20 on Ubuntu 20.04. The first several notes render like this: What do not look right: Clef in the lower part does not start with a bass symbol, ...
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How to write down this cadenza in Musescore?

I am arranging Mozart's Sonata in C minor for a string trio, and I am almost done writing down the second movement. But there are 2 cadenzas that I don't understand how to write down. I can do long ...
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Creating a cadenza (Boccherini Concerto No 3 in G Maj)

I need to create a cadenza (a virtuoso passage inserted near the end of a concerto movement) for cello for the first part of Boccherini Concerto No 3 in G Maj (Allegro, starting at measure 98 in my ...
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Writing a Mozart-style cadenza

What distinctive stylistic elements from Mozart's works should I include in a horn solo cadenza (in Horn Concerto III, Movement I) to make it fit well with the rest of the piece? (Oppositely, is there ...
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