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A cajón (Spanish pronunciation: [kaˈxon] (Ka-hon), "box", "crate" or "drawer") is nominally a six sided, box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front or rear faces (generally thin plywood) with the hands, fingers, or sometimes various implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks.

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Any ideas how to improve the cajón sound?

I bought a cajón kit that I had to assemble myself: I'm not very advanced in the subject, but the sound isn't as good as what I heard from ...
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What kind of wood is 'Lava Burl' in Cajon?

I was checking out on some cajons, and found the Meinl Artisan Buleria Cajon. On its specs, I found that its body is made of birch, yet its frontplate is of 'Lava Burl'. What is this about? Is it a ...
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Which wood is best for cajon [closed]

I saw on kadence cajon with variety of wood used in . But i am new to this so i need to know which wood is best the price is almost same for all wood.
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Cajon Tapa Thickness For Kick Pedal Only, No Hand Use, No Snare?

I am curious as to tapa durability with a kick pedal. I am a guitar player and will never be using my hands. I want a stool and bass drum combination. No snare will be used as I already have a small ...
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Cajon Sound Help

I play a cajon in a band with a few guys. Some gigs are in a pub and some are outdoors and it can be difficult to be heard. Any suggestions on what type of sound equipment to buy so that it could be ...
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Cajon - What thickness Plywood should I use for the playing surface?

A standard Cajon is not easily available in my locality. So I have started building my own, using plywood. For the playing surface, the minimum thickness of plywood available is 4mm. Is it good ...
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What can I do if I want to work the kick pedal on Bass Drum with my heel?

I'm a casual (basement band, i.e., not gigging) drummer and I've been thinking of replacing the kick pedal on the bass drum of my (typical 5-piece) drum set with a cajon pedal so I can work the kick ...
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Will water affect the sound of the cajon

I accidentally spilled water on my cajon and am afraid the quality of sound produced by the cajon has been affected . I am wondering if there are any side effects to the cajon when water is spilled on ...
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Which tones or sounds can be made with a cajon?

When playing the cajon, I know that the sound of the snare can be obtained by hitting the upper left and right corners of the cajon using the fingers and moving the wrist only. The sound of the bass ...
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Cajon as Alternative to Drum Set?

The first time I saw this Cajon drum is during a performance by a band in a shopping mall. The band uses keyboard, guitar, violin and a Cajon. I though that box is actually a digital drum kit. And ...
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