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For questions related to the typically Medieval practice of plainchant, including but not limited to Gregorian and Byzantine chant.

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Is the Baroque Schleifer, slide, or glissando symbol evolved from the Gregorian chant quilisma?

I posted this question on Wikipedia a year ago, with no answers. These two musical signs look eerily similar. The Baroque Schleifer or slide (see Wikipedia page): The quilisma in Gregorian chant (...
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Why would anyone say that it is problematic to notate this chant like this instead of using the standard notation for gregorian chant?

I hear many people saying that notating Gregorian chant like this is problematic. Why would anyone say that it is problematic to notate this chant like this instead of using the standard notation for ...
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Chants in Renaissance vocal music

In notice that in some vocal works composed during the Renaissance, especially masses, long chunks of music (sometimes the whole piece) are preceded by a monophonic, often short chant which is ...
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Meaning of Capitalization on The Notation of Gregorian Psalm Tone Endings

As you know, most Gregorian Psalm Tones have alternative endings. For example, Tone I has 10 possible endings. The endings are denoted by a letter and a number. I understand (correct me if I am ...
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Do any undergraduate theory textbooks explain Gregorian chant notation?

When it comes to common-practice notation, basically every college theory textbook explains all of the basics. But I don't know of any undergraduate theory textbook that includes a discussion of chant ...
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Why is C the tenor of phrygian?

After teaching some students about medieval church modes, I took a question as to precisely why the tenor/confinalis of phrygian/mode III was C rather than B. I answered according to what I had been ...
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Database of Latin Church Music [closed]

Wondering if there is an online (and free or open source) database/collection of Latin Church music. By that I mean, Gregorian Chant type stuff like this, other monophonic chanting (stuff from 1000-...
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How do you insert this symbol |0| using finale v 26?

What does this symbol mean |O| ? It appears in notation for a chanted psalm. Is there a way to insert this symbol using Finale v 26?
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Why does the V-I cadence sound tonal rather than modal?

I have heard that the V-I cadence is to be avoided when playing chant accompaniment: e.g., Gregorian chant. It seems to me that the leading tone going to the tonic makes it sound like a tonal cadence ...
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What was the purpose of Jean Adam Guilain's Organ Suites?

I'm looking for context for these pieces, as I am about to play the Suite of the Second Tone in recital. Guilain wrote these Suites, and whenever I hear recordings of them, each movement begins with a ...
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Gregorian Chant vocal technique

What are the following vocal techniques? on the word Quantus at 0:17 on the word mi-rum at 0:36 on the word mundus at 1:30 on the word ju-dex at 3:14 on the word Et at 3:59 on the word O-ro at 3:12 ...
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