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Questions pertaining to REAPER (an acronym for Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording), a digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer software created by Cockos.

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Church Audio stream only setup

I am part of a small congregation who worship just for a few hours in a multifunction building, setting up and packing away each Sunday. We broadcast our service, Audio Only, over internet-radio, for ...
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How do I see the kick drum on a sampled track in Reaper?

I edit many drum-fiddle duo samples to make loops in REAPER. The fiddle moves ahead and behind the beat and syncopates. The drummer plays a simple 8-beat pattern. The samples are on a single mono ...
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How to render midi stems trough a single intrument track in Reaper?

I have a project in Reaper with 255 individual midi tracks all nested under a folder track on which I added Virtual instrument, to avoid aving to configure each track individually. This way I can ...
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Configure RME TotalMix to record the PC's output into Audacity

I would like to record in Audacity or Reaper the output of my PC. If you configured my PC to send all the sound to the output to ADAT(3+4) I can't figure out how to say in TotalMix that this must be ...
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Safety of using Reaper extensions

An important feature of Reaper DAW is large database of user-written extensions. How safe they are to use, regarding either malicious intent or bugs? What is the extent of the potential danger, e.g. ...
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I have a problem with the strummer in Ample Guitar M (used in Reaper)

When I create a riff using the plugin and drag it in the timeline (as a midi file), it's played with no legatos or really anything I set up in the riffer. It sound terrible, all the chords are played ...
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Switch General MIDI instruments from device? (Roland Sound Canvas, Reaper)

I have an Swissonic EasyKey61 MIDI keyboard, and it is connected to the VST plugin "Roland Sound Canvas" via Reaper. I am wondering how sound banks/instruments (e.g. "Piano 1", &...
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Ableton live RACKS: is there an equivalent, or better, functionality available in reaper?

I'm an ableton live user (only because I received live bundled with my keyboard) but now i'm considering trying out reaper out of frustration with various design decisions in live which those guys are ...
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Reaper, VST, Linux

All. I'm wondering how developers have addressed what I'd think is probably a tricky aspect: if I understand correctly, Reaper is basically all about VST, but VST is strongly Windows oriented. Has ...
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How can I return to normal view (View Track Waveforms) in Reaper

I switched to "Peaks View" for moment. Now I can't get back to tracks looking like standard Waveforms. Will only show Peaks, Spectral Peaks, etc. Anyone know how to get back to normal?
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Is it possible to load and automatically play a project in Reaper?

I'm working on an art installation which features Unity, VR and Reaper. Ideally I'd like to be able to start Reaper, load a project and start it playing from the command line. I don't have much ...
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Replacement on Reaper for garageband's virtual drummer?

Recent versions of garageband have a "virtual drummer" that can "follow" a midi song and provide accompaniment in one of several styles (e.g., "rock", "pop", "reggae", ..), and with a 2-dimensional ...
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Using digital piano as MIDI keyboard in Reaper

I have a HP302 Roland digital piano. It has a usb connector that easily plugs into my computer. The problem is, Reaper is not picking up the piano. It sometimes will say something along the lines of:...
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