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What is the term for when a song switches to a wall of sound, often with a rising chromatic scale, and often found at the end of a song?

You often hear this at the end of songs when the lyrics end and it becomes a 'wall of sound' for want of a better term. Here's an example: Here's another example: ...
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Is coda the same thing as a cadence?

So a coda is "the concluding passage of a piece or movement, typically forming an addition to the basic structure" (Oxford Languages). A cadence, according to Britannica, is the ending of a ...
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Dal Segno al Coda and repeats in Guitar Pro

Why do D.S. al Coda and Dal Segno with separate al Coda, work differently in Guitar Pro when al Coda is at the end of repeat? D.S. al Coda skips the last repeat. Here the performance is as thought. ...
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How would I notate this custom repeat scenario with sheet music?

I am composing a song. It has 8 measures in the verse and 8 in chorus. I also have an 8 measure instrumental section that I would like to include, after the second verse and before the second chorus....
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How to repeat passages in Falk's №1?

I'm trying to play R. Falk's №1. I don't understand how repetition works here with multiple coda signs/brackets. Could someone give me a hint? The music goes like this:
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Is this an example of a coda in jazz? Can you find more examples?

I was listening to a particular jazz song the other day, "First Song", composed by Charlie Haden, recorded by him together with Enrico Pieranunzi and Billy Higgins in 1990. I realized something ...
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Features of a Coda section

I came across a question in a music theory book, which asked about explaining why bars 30-36 in the following music extract could be considered as a Coda. The extract is from Prelude in C minor by ...
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