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Why does this song sound sad even though it is uptempo-ish and in a major key?

"Rag Tag Army" by John Edmond The song is uptempo-ish, and in C major without any mode mixture from C minor. There are A minor and E minor chords in it, yet none of them even end a phrase, ...
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Left handed Accordion western musical instrument players

Accordion western musical instrument Are there any Left handers who can play the Accordion western musical instrument?
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Is there a name for the way George Strait phrases his lines?

When looking at the sheet music I have noticed that most of his phrasing is at the end or beginning of a Measure in a very short choppy line. Is there a name for this style of phrasing? For example, &...
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Which string instruments/playing techniques were used for Nashville Sound country music?

I've been delving into the history of a particular style of country music called "Nashville Sound" recently, which involved a lot of string sections in songs. Some websites describe them as being "...
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Is there a name to this piano element from Country Music?

There is a certain piano element I hear in certain classic country songs, where the piano seems to play backup to the vocals for the extent of one verse. It has a feel that the person is sitting ...
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How to avoid being pianocentric in my compositions?

I have heard of 1 thing to do to make your music less pianocentric. That is to play other instruments. Thing is my commitment to guitar has always been on and off and while with an acoustic I don't ...
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Why was "A" called "a good country key"?

Background I'm a novice. I'm currently learning to play and sing a "country"-style song on guitar. I'm playing it in G major. The melody is just over one octave, from E3 though G4. That's ...
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How are skip beats decided in Red River fiddling?

As I understand in Red River fiddling, the distinguishing feature of that style (as well as the more obscure James Bay and Athapaskan fiddling styles) is the skip beat. That means a whole beat is ...
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What are common western saloon instruments?

This is a question that popped in my mind, but the funny thing is, I couldn't think of a lot of instruments that played during the Western Saloon period. Here's all I can think of: Upright Piano (out ...
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country singing harmony

I am a singing teacher, and have taught music theory and mechanics of singing, have directed church choir for over 30 years. I have a fairly high level of theory knowledge. I also love to harmonize. ...
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Picking equipment for learning Country Guitar in an apartment.

I want to learn to play country guitar. Right now, I'm at a point in my life where I can dedicate a few hours a day to practice. (3+ hours) But I'm a total newbie to music period and live in a dreaded ...
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What exactly does it mean to "play over the changes"

I've been watching a podcast lately which features a country guitarist and a blues guitarist discussing various aspects of guitar-craft. When comparing stylistic differences, the blues guitarist ...
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Why does most "Country" Music use mostly major and minor plain simple chords?

Rock and Roll features power chords. Funk features 9th and 13th chords. Blues features 7th chords. Jazz features all kinds of strange diminished and augmented and suspended and flat 5th and other ...
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Is this an 8 bar blues chord progression? How to know if it is or isn't?

I just read sheet music from a book on country piano with this chord progression: C-C-F-F-G-G-C-G. This is 8 bars long. Would you call this an 8 bar blues chord progression? All the examples I found ...
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How can you get a Country and Western sound with just a guitar and vocal?

A glimmer of a song idea I have feels like it might fit a C&W style. But I have no idea how that would be achieved and I'm not really a big C&W fan. Is it a musical thing with the instruments,...
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Country music elements [closed]

My question is in general but for right now I'm just specific about country music. Every genre of music has its own elements, and some genres have some features and some other don't. For example ...
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Is there a formula/theory for writing country licks/riffs?

Is there a formula/theory for writing country licks/riffs, and where can I find it?
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