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Drum machine options for worship team (non-drummer) [closed]

Our worship team is in need of a mechanical option for a drummer. I have looked at several options but, as a non-drummer, I don't know which of those options would be a good match for our needs. As a ...
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Launchpad X Causes Power Surge on USB Ports [closed]

Essentially what the title says. I recently picked up a lightly-used Launchpad X. Out of the box, it was working fine. It lit up, was receiving power, and was recognized by my computer. That was, ...
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Repair cracked China cymbal? [duplicate]

My China cymbal cracked a little while ago and I tried to fix it by drilling holes into the ends of the crack to stop it from spreading through the cymbal, however this doesn't seem to have worked and ...
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What are the attachments used for on this bass drum?

Non-percussionist here. Questlove (The Roots’ drummer on Jimmy Fallon) has this colorful bass drum with some enhancements such as a separate, smaller drum (snare?) attached to the front and a hole ...
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Drum set/Cymbal repair

Is it possible to repair rusted cymbals and cracked drum sets? I have an old drum set I want to repair. I have not tried anything to repair it because I don't know and would like to know what I could ...
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What is the name of the drum you wear on your back to play without your hands?

Is there a type of drum which is intended to be worn on your back and played "hands-free"? If so, what is it called? I know I've seen this several times in my life, and assumed it was not a custom ...
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Is it okay to stand on drumkit's kick?

I've seen in a few live concert, where people, especially the frontman, stand on the drumkit. Is it okay to stand there? Will the kick be broken? I'm specifically thinking of having a mic in front ...
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Are there any good online resources on how to build drums?

I'm really keen to have a go at crafting my own drum. Not a djembe or ethnic instrument but standard hooped kit drum. I particularly like the idea of something along the lines of Outlaw Drums and ...
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What kind of converter do I need to go from a Yamaha-p105 'USB to Host' to standard MIDI?

I have a Yamaha P-105 piano and an Alesis drum machine. The Yamaha has an out 'USB to Host' for connecting to a computer's USB port. I want to use the keyboard to control the sounds on the Alesis ...
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Are kevlar straps on bass drum pedals reliable?

Most bass drum pedals connect to the beater cam via one or two chains, or, in the more expensive models, a moulded arm. Some models, like the Gibraltar Velocity 3311D use a kevlar strap instead of a ...
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