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A tool, usually wooden, used for playing drums and cymbals.

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3 answers

Drumstick qualities for rock music, teens, and beginner/intermediate drummers

What drumsticks/drumstick qualities: suit rock music better? suit teens (specifically 13 year olds)? are better for beginner and intermediate drummers?
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What do the labels on drumsticks (5A, 7B, etc.) mean?

There are different letters and numbers that different drumsticks carry, such as 5A, 7B. What do they represent? Does the material used (different woods, aluminium, etc.) have a bearing on the ...
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Should my drum sticks be the same size?

I bought a snare (which came with drum sticks) on craigslist. It turns out one of the sticks is fatter than the other one, and heavier. Is this a "thing" or did they just give me mismatched ...
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Is it harmful for a newbie to experiment with drumstick grip

A couple weeks ago I set up an electronic drum set I had. I've never had drum lessons before, but I've watched some YouTube videos on drum grip and on basic technique. Within a week I found that I ...
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I'm a traditional snare drummer who has serious issues using my left hand

I'm looking for exercises to help with my motor control in my left wrist. Ever since I started heavy lifting on a daily basis at work, my left hand has become tighter and stiffer to the point where I ...
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Aluminum vs. Wooden Drumsticks?

I am wondering about the differences between these materials when playing drums. I've always used wooden sticks - and all the drummers I have played with, as well. But, I see the potential in using ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Using brushes as low-volume drumsticks

I'm playing a pretty simple drum part over some light rock and pop music in an small theater, for a piece in which the vocalists play an extremely prominent role and need to be heard very clearly; I'm ...
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2 answers

What should a beginner look for in drumsticks?

What characteristics should a beginner look for in drumsticks? This is for a beginner just starting out, teaching myself how to play the drums. Is it weight? Thickness? Strength? Or something else?
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4 votes
2 answers

Drumsticks held with 2 or 3 fingers?

I'm new to drumming. I've looked at a lot of videos about stick gripping, including American Grip, German Grip, Traditional Grip, etc. Nothing I've come across has mentioned holding the sticks with ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Best drum sticks size for practice pad?

Is it worth it to practice with some sticks a little heavier/lighter than the ones that I actually play with?
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4 answers

Are there any wrong positions of last 3 fıngers while holding a drumstick?

I am new to this website, so if my question doesn't have the proper form please edit or comment. (while saying holding I mean holding drumsticks with matched grip) I play drums for several years but ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Drumstick choices for electronic drums

Beginner drummer here. I just bought an electronic drum set and am wondering about how to choose the best sticks. Some articles I read (including this one) talk about different tip shapes and how ...
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1 answer

What are the different ways to hold drumsticks and what are the pros and cons of each? [duplicate]

The most common method of holding drumsticks based on my experience (and this is how I do it as well), is holding the two drumsticks like a spoon and a fork, like this : However, I do occasionally ...
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Why do drumsticks break?

I understand that drum sticks are supposed to be hit with the tip, and the only reason you hit the drum set with the shaft is to do a rim shot- so technically it would take a lot of rim shots to break ...
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9 votes
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Sticks moving in my hands (weak grip?)

I've been playing drums for a while and there's something bothering me. I've watched a lot of "how to hold your drumsticks properly" videos for the 'matched grip' style (the one i use) to try to ...
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22 votes
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Drumsticks: Nylon Tip vs Wooden Tip

I am curious about the differences between Nylon Tip and Wooden Tip. What are the pros and cons of these two?
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