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Questions tagged [dynamic-range]

For questions related to the range of all possible dynamic intensities performed by an instrument or ensemble.

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2 answers

Midi velocity for multiple simultaneous notes

If I have multiple note-on MIDI messages occurring at the same time (simultaneously as a chord) should I be concerned about the velocity applied to each note-on to avoid things like clipping and other ...
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4 answers

Dynamic range for sampled piano

I've been playing piano using the Garritan CFX Concert Grand for a while now, and while I've found a sound I like, I notice that the dynamic range tends to be too great. I don't notice it much while ...
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7 votes
4 answers

How is a Compressor different from Gain/Fader riding?

Compressor reduces a signal's dynamic range but the same can also be done by riding/automating the volume fader. Compressors add coloration but other than that is it any different from fader riding?
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5 votes
2 answers

Midi Volume "Compression"?

Suppose your midi instrument, say a piano vst, has 16 "layers". When you input a note at velocity "1", you'll hear a very quiet ppp note. When you input the same note at velocity "127", you'll hear a ...
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How do pianists reach extremely loud dynamics?

This question of mine started when I heard the piano score of Mars by Gustav Holst. Here is the piano score: How do the pianists even reach triple f? I myself have ...
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Normalize a collection of WAVS in an homogenous way without loosing a bit of dynamic range

I ripped all my CDs of a band, and would like to do a loseless flac compilation. The degree of volume and compression is different in every album. What's the easiest way to normalize by RMS a ...
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