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Learning to make distinctions in pitch and/or rhythm when hearing music.

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The discriminating power of experienced listeners

Consider a choir of n singers who sing the same tune in almost perfect unison. When asked how many singers they do hear, test persons may say: don't know more than 3, 5, 10, ... 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ... ...
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How Can I Incorporate Solfege Into My Ear Training Routine?

I read an article article about solfege, so I thought I would just sing do re mi in a major scale (probably C) and then move on to another scale when I have C scale down cold. Is there a better way? ...
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How to prepare for trinity's aural exam

I am going to give my trinity piano grade 5 classical and jazz exam later this year in October, one of my supporting tests is aural. Now, there are websites and apps that I found online which can help ...
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