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For questions relating to the class of electronically-synthesized music genres. Specific genres should be tagged where appropriate.

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With modern electronic technology is temperament unnecessary?

I am a Physics student but also love math and music, and know a little bit about tuning because it is related to mathematics. So as far as I understand, Just Intonation is more consonant than ...
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What is harmonic mixing / mix in key?

I'm currently learning how to become a DJ. One of the concepts that caught my attention was "harmonic mixing". I know some very basic music theory, and I'm having some trouble understanding it. What ...
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Are there any music programming languages from after the SuperCollider era?

The history of music and sound synthesis languages can be traced back to the Music N languages starting in the 1950s. You can trace the threads from there to a variety of languages that were developed ...
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Do different synthesizers have different timbres and/or produce different harmonics for the same given waveform?

All basic synthesizers can produce the basic waveforms: sawtooth, square, triangle, and sometimes sine. Does each synthesizer "injects" its own character to the waveform? Are all sawtooths ...
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How could you make instrumental sounds come out of a computer?

I've been working on some music generating software, and have laid out the basic algorithms, now all I need are actual instrumental sounds. By instrumental sounds, I mean the sound that comes out of a ...
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3 answers

"Depression" sensation after the beat, in electronic music

How is obtained the "Depression" sensation after the beat, that we can hear in a few Electronic Music songs ? (like Trance / Dance) Example : Border Vocals, "Lovetension". It feels like after the ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Math formulae for organs?

I already know that an organ can be synthesized by using sine waves at specific frequencies. But if you generate sine waves like that, the timbre of the note is very very plain (it sounds just like a ...
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How to create the "wubs" in dubstep?

One of the signature sounds of dubstep is the "wub-wub-wub" sound. How do I create this sound? I'm using Reaper as my DAW but if there's a way to create the sound with subtractive synthesis on a 3 ...
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2 answers

Electronic music beats: Sample or Synthesis?

When creating electronic beats, I have a hard time deciding if I should really use a synthesizer to sequence my whole rhythm section. Sometimes I end up using samples or recording something close to ...
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Beating 'Blank Page Syndrome' and Projecting Intent

I posted a question earlier, which a number of people pointed out was coming off too broad to make for a good post, and it was suggested I boil it down to a smaller bite, so here goes. I have been a ...
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Is an LFO applied to pitch the same as a modulator from an FM synth with a low frequency?

I am new to sound synthesis and the programming language (FUZE4 on the Nintendo Switch) I am using has only a frequency modulator function. The modulator as I understand in general FM synth ...
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