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For questions pertaining to maintenance of, usage of, and other musical aspects of equipment (the physical structures used in the creation of music).

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Salsa trombone harmonizer setup

I am looking to set up a trombone harmonizer to play salsa, but I'm new to both salsa and electronic music. It seems like what I want is unusual and not so simple, but it might be possible to do 85% ...
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Tascam ss-r250n playback and recording loop through same mixer

I just got a Tascam ss-r250n recorder & player. Is there anyway to turn off the output only when recording? I connect them both to my mixer but it creates a loop when recording. I guess the way it ...
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How can I prevent filters from falling from my earplugs when I remove them?

I have a few pairs of flat-response attenuators (a.k.a. musicians earplugs). On one of them, the filters tend to fall when I remove the earplugs from my ear. How can I prevent that? Demonstration:
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Compatibility between guitar with 9v pre amp and Phantom Power

Just been doing some recording using a condenser mic and an acoustic guitar. Condenser mic needs phantom power from the recorder (Boss 1200), but with that turned on, the input for the guitar will ...
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