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Study of people's efficiency in their working environment. What is best way to hold a music instrument? What are best exercises to strengthen appendages to prevent injury, improve music practice?

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I have a small hand and am an adult. Would 1/2 or 3/4 classical guitar be ok?

I have a small hand, and classical pieces sometimes require wide stretches. I am considering buying smaller guitar, but wouldn't it compromise playing quality? If not, is an adult using 1/2 or 3/4, or ...
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Determine correct electronic keyboard stand and chair height

I have a full size electronic keyboard for my 89-year-old mother who has memory issues as well as macular degeneration and curvature of the spine. I’m looking for details on setting the piano up for ...
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Bass-Guitar - How much "Bent Wrist" is still ok?

I'm struggling with a good left hand position, and there are multiple things that I'm not sure about. I will concentrate on one particular element here in this question: What one usually reads (which ...
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Practice to minimize finger pressure on guitar strings?

For years I did not notice now I need to correct my bad habit of putting a lot pressure on guitar strings when I play. How to get rid of this bad habit. I know I put my finger on a guitar string and ...
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Top-down strokes versus side strokes: what is the most ergonomic drum style between tabla or mridangam/pakhawaj?

Tablas are hand drums that comes by pair which the 2 skins are (nearly) horizontally oriented with the hand moving from top to down, while mridangam/pakhawaj/dol/dolak are hand drums which the 2 skins ...
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Tips on finding a comfortable position to hold a guitar?

I have an ES-339, and play sitting down with a strap, right leg on a footstool (or the bar of the chair/stool I'm on). Even though I use the strap, the guitar's body still slightly moves away from me ...
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Piano posture - front shoulder delt tension

They say you have to play the piano without any static muscle tension. At the same time, to reach the freedom of movement your elbows should be a little bit in front of you. I have a sitting posture ...
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Guitar - strumming / palm muting -tops of fingers hurt

First off, I'm very new to guitar, and pretty sure my strumming is not working. The thing is, after a few months I never noticed any issues with my right-hand fingers while I strum. Then recently, ...
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How to prevent middle back pain when playing piano? (New problem after 40+ years)

There was some advice for a beginner given here: Back hurts after playing piano, but I'm looking for something a little different: I am now 52 and I have been playing since childhood (informally ...
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Is it safe to use thumb position in lower positions on cello?

A piece I've been playing has a notation to use the thumb in 2nd position on cello (with thumb on the D-string F# specifically, where first finger would go in normal 2nd position). I tried it out but ...
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How to continue to play the piano after cutting off part of a finger?

I used to play piano for hours a day out of enjoyment. I won't try to express the level of satisfaction, peace and enjoyment it brought to me, because frankly I don't think it's possible to do so. I ...
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Anti-slip foam material used for shoulder-rest?

What's the name of the very anti-slip foam felt used in popular violin shoulder rests such as Everest, Bonmusica etc? I have a high neck and I want to cut out another layer of that foam to adhere to ...
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What vocal techniques are needed to prevent strain when talking into a vocoder?

A full song played through a vocoder makes my throat begin to ache. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I do notice that I try to sing the melody instead of speaking it in an unusual way that is ...
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Why do my cheekbones hurt when I play?

I play the flute and I don’t know if it’s just me but my cheekbones hurt when I play for more the 30 minutes. I don’t know what it could be, I usually have good posture and practice everyday. I have a ...
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Stretching on Ukulele: How Far is Fair?

I've noticed that I play a lot of chords on ukulele with larger intervals in them, and often the chord voicings have big stretches from the lowest notes to the highest notes. Obviously, I know ...
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Recorder left-hand thumb position with certain note combinations

Looks like thumbs in general are a real issue for me. I'm teaching myself the recorder, and would not want to acquire a bad habit. I'm approaching notes in the higher octave (soprano recorder) and ...
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Right-hand thumb position for playing recorder

I am approaching the (soprano) recorder by myself, and have checked several resources online with very valuable advice (e.g. placing the left-hand thumb slightly inclined so as to allow it roll — life ...
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Right hand technique for low chromatic notes

I'm teaching myself to play the alto recorder. Since I'm mostly interested in jazz, I have been trying to practice in all keys from the start. My problem is with the right-hand technique for the low ...
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