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An erhu is an Eastern bowed-string musical instrument that originated in China. It has two parallel strings, tuned to D4 and A4, with the bow passing between them. Erhus are very popular in Chinese music.

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Chinese music theory. How to learn? [closed]

Introduction: I started to practice Erhu(二胡) about half a year ago and I have about 7 years experience in acoustic guitar. I'm from Europe, so traditional Chinese music is quite different in ...
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Why does each key have different fingering on the erhu?

Why does each key ...playing the erhu have different fingering ? Is there a way to understand why and if I understand the logic, I might be able to figure out what fingering I should be using. I have ...
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Learning the Erhu: First Steps

Is there something else I should learn first before attempting to play the chinesse erhu? I have no prior musical training or experience of any kind - I can't even read sheet music. Nevertheless, I'...
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Erhu vibrato before Western contact?

Was vibrato known as a technique in China before the introduction of Western string instruments? How common was it to use vibrato when performing the erhu?
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Music notation software for JianPu and erhu notation

My wife's band, which features the erhu, uses music notation like the page shown below. We want to take hand-written scanned/faxed from stained napkins with bad handwriting and two-side bleedthrough ...
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Is there a specific name for Sheet music that uses numbers (二胡 Èrhú Sheet Music)?

I am searching for a software program (preferably opensource but not necessarily) that can create sheet music. However since I am a beginner at my instrument I still use a simplified notation. I play ...
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