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For questions about fermata/pauses.

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Paganini's Cantabile for violin and guitar in D - clarification on the notation [duplicate]

This is from Niccolò Paganini's Cantabile for violin and guitar in D: How do I play the red-boxed notes properly? What does the hat-dot signs mean? What are they called?
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Is the length of a G.P. that has no fermata discretionary?

In mm. 342 and 382 of the last movement of his Piano Quartet n. 3, Op.26, Brahms writes G.P. over one measure's rest (with no fermata). Is the intention that this General Pause should last exactly one ...
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Proper use of fermata marks on sheet music

I'm very new to music notation... an absolute novice, so forgive me if this is an obvious beginner question. My questions involve the use of fermata marks. In music notation, if I want to tell the ...
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How to conduct a fermata over a rest?

I'm currently learning how to conduct Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique - Reveries and Passions. In the first few bars there are fermatas over a few rests and I know I'm supposed to prolong and hold the ...
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Fermata tie confusion

Can someone help me understand what the circled notation is instructing in this simple piece by Markham Lee? Are the notes tied? I'm confused as how they can be tied and staccato at the same time.
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Legato & Fermata notation on tied notes

I would like to ask two quick things. If you notate a slur (legato, not a phrase slur) on a tied note, will this include the tie (1.1) or not (1.2)? If you notate a fermata on a tied note and want ...
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Why is this Fermata over a double bar line?

I'm currently studying Hrabe's 86 Etudes for String Bass. On Etude #3 I came upon this fermata: It's not on top of any note or rest, but on a double bar line. How am I supposed to play this? Do I ...
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Fermata over a rest at the end of the piece?

Why? It seems to me that as soon as you stop the instrument from making a sound at the end of the piece, it's done. I understand that the final rest is necessary to fill up the measure, but why put ...
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Fermata over Rest

I was learning Santa Lucia when I came across a Fermata (bird's eye) over a whole rest. I wasn't sure how to play it. Is it that we have to rest for a little more time, like an eighth/sixteenth more? ...
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Fermata until note fades away

Usually, the length of a fermata depends on the performer. In a song I'm composing, I use fermatas quite often and the way I want the performer to interpret them is to hold the note until the sound ...
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Why do composers use fermatas?

I am taking part in a music theory course on Coursera, and I could not understand the difference between a tie and a fermata. Could someone please explain it to me?
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How long do you hold a fermata?

I am new to piano and just downloaded this book, it seems simple enough for a beginner like me but there is a symbol that I don't really understand, a fermata. Googling I see I am supposed to hold ...
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What does the staff notation half-moon symbol on top of the last note indicate?

What is the name and utility of the half-moon symbol on top of the last note?
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E chord with arc and dot symbol over it — What is this symbol? [duplicate]

I have a book which has the lyrics and guitar chords for some songs. It shows the tab at the top of the page for each chord and each chord letter to be played above the lyrics. This seems simple ...
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