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How do I teach high positions for double bass?

I am self-taught on electric bass and I'm currently working with a double bassist who learned to play in a much more conventional sense than I did. My musical education consists of watching videos of ...
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Finger picking on bass vs finger picking on guitar

I'm learning bass after playing guitar for a long time. Anyway, it seems that the bass finger picking style is significantly different from the style I would use on the guitar. The standard bass ...
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2 answers

Blisters on Fingers: Double Bass

My band practiced for four hours tonight and I got a blister on my right middle finger, popped it (as I was playing), got another one, and got one on my index finger. We're performing twice tomorrow (...
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Fingerstyle - Alternating Bass, Pinch or Bass Alone?

In this arrangement it seems the creator, Mark Hanson, sometimes plays the alternating bass with the melody note (in a pinch) and sometimes, randomly it seems, he plays the bass note then the melody ...
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Learning Drums in Ableton live - finger Drumming

I wanted to learn drums, finger drumming in Ableton live. I can have a sound track and a midi track with 808 or 909 kit loaded and I can play the sound clip and try to play the midi to match the same. ...
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Finger Picking vs. using a Pick on Bass Guitar

Before I played bass I played guitar, so when I started to play bass I naturally used a pick. Eventually I learned how to finger pick and now typically use both picking techniques interchangeably as a ...
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5 answers

Alternating fingers or direction?

In typical fingerstyle bass technique, you alternate between two fingers, always pulling the strings in the same direction, up toward your hand. In contrast, with picked bass you alternate pick ...
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Alternate picking for fingerstyle bass

I’m familiar with the different approaches to alternate picking with a plectrum, from economy picking to strict alternate picking. I personally prefer to use down-picks for downbeats and up-picks for ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Exercising fingerstyle bass technique

I'm looking to improve my fingerstyle technique on the bass guitar. I'd like to develop good habits, especially regarding alternating my fingers, as I currently tend to overuse my index finger and ...
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