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Questions tagged [flugelhorn]

The flugelhorn is a brass instrument descended from the Saxhorn family. Playing technique is fundamentally similar to that of a trumpet or cornet, but timbral qualities are more similar to a euphonium due to the highly conical bore and very gradual bell flare.

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7 votes
4 answers

Why do Flugelhorns and Cornets have such dissimilar sounds?

I've scoured the internet trying to understand how various characteristics of instruments (Bell shape and diameter, bore size, material, finish, construction) in the trumpet family (Trumpet, Cornet ...
5 votes
3 answers

How to hit right partials on brass?

Sometimes when playing a trumpet/flugelhorn part on my own, I can't tell if I'm hitting the right partial, usually in the upper register. Sometimes it's too high, other times too low. What is the ...
6 votes
5 answers

Why is my girlfriend's flugelhorn a semitone lower than my bass?

Firstly, I'll apologise in advance - I'm a self-taught rock 'musician' and I have virtually no knowledge of music theory (didn't stop me playing hundreds of gigs though!). I have a four-string bass ...
3 votes
2 answers

Adding French Horn to Trumpet and Flugelhorn?

Any advice for how best to add French Horn to my arsenal given that I already play trumpet and flugelhorn? I'm quite proficient at the two and want to add a third instrument this year.
2 votes
1 answer

Proper way to finger Flugelhorn

Today, I was playing Holst's Second Suite in F (Movement 1) on my Flugelhorn. It sounded great, but I feel that some particular sequences are a bit muddy in the fingering. I usually play with the ...
4 votes
1 answer

Jazz mouthpiece for flugelhorn?

What are some good options for a jazz flugelhorn mouthpiece? I have the Yamaha Bobby Shew and a nice 3C equivalent (for wind ensemble playing), but I want something that will help my range a bit.