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Best approach to count Seven Four Signature (7/4)?

I listened Pink Floyd "Money" from the album "Dark Side of the Moon" for a while break after and started to think about Seven Four (7/4) time signature in music theory and how to ...
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Fusion of western musical instruments [closed]

Western musical instruments Western musical instruments images Trumpet and Saxophone Harpeji Western musical instruments video Is it possible to design and construct western musical instruments as a ...
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How to play outside over a major 7 chord?

What are some (fusion-like) options to temporarily play outside over a major 7 chord? E.g. if I improvise over Am7 - Fmaj7 in A aeolian, what are some options to escape F lydian or such and sound ...
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Harmony behind Guthrie Govan's Wonderful Slippery Thing

The tune can be found here: Main chord progression is: Bm7 - D9 - Gmaj7 - F#7b9 My understanding is that it's actually: i - V/vi - vi - V With D9 being secondary ...
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How do I play a jazz standard in a fusion style?

I was playing with some friends the other day and since we all listen to jazz fusion (like Herbie Hancock and Snarky Puppy) we were trying to play jazz standards in that style. However, none of us ...
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What is the scale played on this chord progression?

I'm trying to figure out one jazz improvisation on this chord progression (Sunny - Bobby Hebb) Am7 Gm7 C9 Fmaj7 Bm7b5 E7b9 So as the chords go Am7, Gm7 - C9 the improvisation starts in Am pentatonic ...
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Improvisation Technique and Theory Over Modal Sus or slash chords

i would like to understand how to improvise over a Modal Sus chord progression. As an example you can look at the video down here at 3"00. There Begins a Improvisation by a Keyboarder and later a ...
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Getting into funky, jazzy fusion guitar playing

intermediate guitarist here! This question is going to be quite broad but hopefully you'll have some great tips. I'd love to get into the type of funky and/or jazzy type of guitar playing for ...
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How does fusion guitar playing work?

So I have seen a lot of guitar players playing fusion rock but never understood what is actually going on in the theory. When watching them play, it sounds like they're not in key and just ...
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What harmonic devices are common for jazz-rock fusion guitar?

If I want to compose a fusion piece (or improvise over one), what harmonic tools I can use to sound right in this genre? Every genre has a specific chords, progressions, scales, techniques etc. which ...
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