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Questions pertaining to the perceived difficulty of a piece according to a recognized standard. For grading related to examinations, use the tag [exam-grading]

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What criteria does ABRSM use in assigning piano music to each grade?

For each piano exam grade, ABRSM publishes a book of music curated for that grade. In addition, they provide references to other pieces acceptable for that grade-level exam. What criteria are used to ...
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Learning Order of Bach's Inventions and Sinfonie

Inspired by the question Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Order, I thought I'd ask what order people would recommend learning to play Bach's Inventions and Sinfonie.
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Is there a canonical piano grading system?

The Thompson's books are divided by grade (first grade, second grade, etc.). Aside from that, I have encountered a pianist who says that he is considered to be an X grade pianist. What is this grading ...
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How much time are you supposed to spend on a piece approximately at your difficulty level?

So, often piano pieces are graded by difficulty. Like, for example here: The editor has to say: While ...
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What constitutes to the grading of a guitar piece?

Let's say RockSchool for now to keep it simple. I'm aware that it's a bit more flexable than the grading scheme on piano, and I'm applying to a music college this year and looking at my options for ...
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How do you trinity grades align with RCM grades

I have been doing Trinity piano grades for the past 5 years. I am currently in grade 5. I want to learn a piece called "Waltz in C-Sharp Minor"(op. 64, no. 2) by Chopin. However, as it is ...
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A (classical) voice equivalent to the Henle Difficulty System

(This is my first post here so please be lenient :) ) Background: I am a pianist and recently, I have become a [classical] singer. Recall the Henle 'Levels of Difficulty' rankings for piano pieces, ...
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Compare these two sheets of piano/keyboard music?

I've been playing piano and learning theory for almost 2 years now. The most difficult piece I've successfully learned was Sonata in D Minor (Aria) (K.32 L.423) by Scarlatti. A quick Google search ...
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