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Questions tagged [hand-bells]

For questions related to hand bell ensembles, technique, composition, etc.

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Are bells the only instrument whose second harmonic forms a minor interval with its fundamental?

I heard (from a Paccard church bells rep) that bells are the only instrument whose second harmonic forms a minor interval with its fundamental. Is this true?
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Hershey kiss Christmas handbell commercial

This is something I've wondered for a long time but could never get a straight answer... There's a famous TV commercial for Hershey Kisses where the kisses are handbells, playing we wish you a merry ...
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What are physical requirements for hand-bell mallets?

I'd like to purchase a set of mallets for the hand-bell ensemble at my school. I'm no percussionist, so I may be out of touch here, but the mallets from Schulmerich and Malmark seem quite pricey to me....
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How to link instruments in a Sibelius arrangement to instruments in a soundfont file for playback?

I have some arrangements of handbell music in Sibelius 7 that I'd like to play back into a track for my handbell choir to practice to. I purchased a high-quality soundfont (sf2) file of handbells with ...
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What exactly is the bell used in Paganini's 2nd violin concerto and how should one play it?

Paganini's Violin Concerto No.2, Op.7 has a part for a "Campanello (Little Bell in F#)" in the 3rd movement, which is also the movement's namesake - "La Campanella". In a bit of research I've done, ...
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What are inexpensive alternatives for bass notes in a handbell choir piece, for which we don't have bells?

Our handbell choir is playing a piece with a few bass notes going lower than our lowest bell. No one wants to spend money on buying a couple more bells, if most of the time we play music which doesn'...
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Four in hand technique for handchimes

I've managed to secure an unofficial position as my church's chief handchime ringer (predictably, I have no experience in ringing chimes or bells). While I have managed to figure out single chime ...
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