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Questions tagged [harmonica]

Questions related to playing the (chromatic or diatonic) harmonica.

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Learning chords on the harmonica

I have been teaching myself to play the harmonica since the start of the covid virus in 2019. I've never been focused enough to play a musical instrument until the 59th year of this life I'm living, ...
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harmonica notes/tuning

Of the many 10-hole harmonicas I have, only one enables me to play almost all of the true notes in a song: The one I refer to is a Hohner which I have misplaced, having owned it for 40 years: It has ...
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Hero harmonica, 16 holes double reed, what type is it?

I have this harmonica, 16 holes double reed, a Hero brand. I am not sure what type of harmonica this is, tremolo or chromatic or whatever else. So, anyone having the same harmonica or knows about this ...
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Leaky brand new Hohner Blues Harp?

I started playing harmonica about 6 months ago, on a Hohner Marine Band. I quickly learned to play clean, single notes, and draw bends have become second nature (I'm starting to integrate blow bends, ...
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