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2 answers

Should I learn harmonium to learn western singing?

I am an Indian, and I want to learn western music/singing, but my teacher says first you have to learn harmonium to learn singing. So I am confused: should I learn harmonium, because as far as I know, ...
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1 answer

Using Left Hand on Piano

Note: I don't have any formal music training/knowledge. I play notes of songs on harmonium which appears exactly like a piano. But when I shift to playing same notes on piano I have one hand extra(...
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6 votes
3 answers

Is a piano played in the same way as a harmonium?

I can play harmonium and now, I want to learn piano. Both are keyboard instruments. Are both the instruments played in the same way or do I need to learn something more to play a piano?
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2 answers

Possible Harmonium/Reed Organ Synthesizing Techniques

I am working on a project to make a synthesizer for RaspberryPi capable of playing Harmonium/Reed Organ using external MIDI keyboard. I am making it in Python 2.7 using Numpy. Till now I have ...
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Harmonium (Indian accordion) Synth, Sound design

I wanted to design the harmonium sound in Logic Pro and I needed some help. If some of you have idea of how to make the sound, which might be according to me as follows. There would be a saw tooth ...
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