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Recordings made at home or with amateur setup as opposed to one made in a professional grade studio with corresponding pro equipment.

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Direct recording an amp head with my audio interface

I have a question about direct recording my amp head. I have a Micro Dark Terror right now and the manual says : " If the Phones jack is not in use, a suitable speaker cabinet must be connected at all ...
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NI Guitar Rig 6 Buzzes, crackles and hums

I am using a Fender P bass into Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen, Ableton Live 11 running on a new Dell G-5 Windows 10. I can record and play without using the Guitar Rig 6 plugin without noise, but ...
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How can I understand the algorithm behind a Ezmix EQ/COMP preset?

I've bought a model of Line 6 POD HD500x and I've almost found out a cool preset. The problem is that I've added a ezmix eq/comp preset at the end (on Reaper), and it's not the same without that. The ...
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Feeding audio from iPad into digital piano speakers

I have a Yamaha P-115 digital piano which has a USB port. I just purchased an iPad and want to use GarageBand and other apps to digitally record music. I understand that I can connect my iPad to my ...
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Recording multitrack in FL studio with multiple USB-connected microphones

I have two mics which I connect to my PC via XLR to USB cables, but when I record in FL studio it only record the default mic. I have read that for multi track recording an Audio interface is needed, ...
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