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Recordings made at home or with amateur setup as opposed to one made in a professional grade studio with corresponding pro equipment.

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Do mixers support 6.5mm mics?

I an new to recording world. I jut want to know is does mixers support 1/4inch mics for recording. Or XLR mics with XLR to 1/4inch converter cable?
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What properties of a material make it ideal for acoustic foam or paneling?

I want to make some acoustic foam/paneling substitute but I'm wondering makes foam paneling "good" or not? I know that if it's too dense or stiff then the sound won't "trap" and will just bounce right ...
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How can I improve my piano recording?

I recorded my self playing piano. I've been reading a lot about the subject and I know I can improve the quality of my recording by applying some filter like compression. Are there other filters that ...
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How to record and add the voice of my friend for a song who is in another country?

I am an amateur pianist. I want to release a music album. I have a friend in another country who is willing to sing for my music. I play my instruments and send her the mp3. She plays the mp3 and ...
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Can I record using electric guitar to Zoom G3 to M-Audio Fast Track?

I have an electric Fender and the Zoom G3 pedal; a friend of mine is going to provide his M-Audio Fast Track interface. Is it possible to record my guitar by plugging my Zoom G3 into this interface? ...
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Should I buy an Audio Interface for USB microphone?

I am completely new to the recording world, please help (even there are dumb questions from me). I bought the AT2020USB mic, but I heard a lot of people said a condenser microphone plus an audio ...
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How can I understand the algorithm behind a Ezmix EQ/COMP preset?

I've bought a model of Line 6 POD HD500x and I've almost found out a cool preset. The problem is that I've added a ezmix eq/comp preset at the end (on Reaper), and it's not the same without that. The ...
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How to make ASIO work with multiple programs simultaneously : how can I listen to Guitar Rig plus something else through the same interface?

I've been using Guitar Rig 4 for a year or two, and it's a fairly useful toy for a bedroom guitarist. Currently, I use a Behringer UCG102 USB interface, which has a guitar in and headphone out. When ...
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