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The music rooted in the classical (Northern and Southern) music systems of India.

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Top-down strokes versus side strokes: what is the most ergonomic drum style between tabla or mridangam/pakhawaj?

Tablas are hand drums that comes by pair which the 2 skins are (nearly) horizontally oriented with the hand moving from top to down, while mridangam/pakhawaj/dol/dolak are hand drums which the 2 skins ...
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Why is ektaal called ektaal?

एकताल (iTrans: ek_taal) is among the common talas, or rhythmic cycles, used in Hindustani (North Indian) classical music. It is the equivalent in the Khayal style of the dhrupad tala चौेताल chautaal ...
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Convention System for Hindustani Music

In Western Music, we find that A4 has a particular frequency that is 440Hz. So it has only one sound. All the modes and scales are defined in terms of intervals. However, we find in Hindustani Music ...
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Is there a raga in Hindustani or Carnatic classical music with this note-set?

I'm looking to identify the audav-sampuurNa raga that has the following aaroh / avaroh. Hindustani notation: SRGPnS', S'ndPmGRS Aaroh / ascent: Sha.Daj, shuddh R^iShabh, shuddh ga.ndhaar, pa.ncham,...
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Is it possible to transcribe Indian music (especially vocal ornamentation) in western-style sheet music?

I recently learned that Indian music basically uses the same 12 notes that we see in western music and that at one of the main reasons why it sounds so foreign is the vocal ornamentation. For example ...
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