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Questions tagged [jazz]

An original American music style that originated in the early 20th century by improvisation and syncopation.

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How to get that off-kilter feeling from sungazer?

Sungazers music has this beautiful off-kilter feeling to it and I hope to replicate it in my own music. How is this achieved? examples: ...
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3 votes
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Did anybody try to analyze Strange Meadow Lark by Dave Brubeck by functional analysis?

I was trying to understand the chord progression in Strange Meadow Lark, but it comes to a point where the changes are a little bit blurry of what is going on. Did anybody try to? Maybe we can discuss ...
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Help in Understanding Modes

Just wanted some clarification and guidance in my attempt to understand the use of modes. I am a bass player involved in playing pop, rock, alt and indie genres; I am not a Jazz/Bebop bassist. My ...
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