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How to synchronize Boss Looper pedal (RC-5) tempo with external drum machine (Korg Volca)?

As a test case, I am trying to synchronize the tempo of the RC-5 Looper pedal to a Korg Volca drum machine. I tried two different ways with a TRS cable: Korg Volca SYNC out --> RC-5 MIDI in No ...
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Is there a way to decode Triton/M1 vst PCM samples?

Is there any way to decode the PCM samples used in either the Triton or M1 VSTs? I'd love to be able to open these in a sampler VST and mess around with them further than is possible within the actual ...
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Korg SP-300 .. 21 volts?

We have laying around one of the Korg SP-300 (which were made in Italy - they weigh a ton!) Have misplaced the original power supply. That thing was a HUGE black cube, getting on for the size of a ...
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Korg SV2 to Monitors without Computer?

Digital piano and audio newbie here. I picked up a Korg SV2 and JBL 104 active monitors. I hooked them up with 2 1/4" jacks but the output is very low when maxed out on both the keyboard and ...
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Using Logic with External Minilogue XD: Logic changes the instrument for midi tracks

I am loading some midi files of popular music I found into logic and setting Logic to control my Minilogue XD with the midi notes. However, when the midi section starts, the Minilogue XD changes its ...
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Korg Ms2000B backlighting screen

I have a Korg MS2000b WHICH I HAVEN'T USE IT for than 8 years.This morning I powered it on with a 15v.It turn on.I turned it off.And after one hour I turn it on again and the screen is backlighting ...
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Issues mapping sample editing knobs from Korg volca sample to BeatStep Pro

I was able to map all of the sample slots on my Korg Volca sample to my BeatStep pro on the drums sequencer midi channels 1-10. I'm having a hard time mapping the knobs of the Volca Sample to the ...
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How to hook up Korg EX-8000 to a computer w/o a keyboard?

I have a Korg EX-8000 synth I bought at a thrift store, but no midi keyboard and would like to know how to hook up to my computer so I can test to see if it works. I just ordered a MIDI to USB cable. ...
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Korg as MIDI + Send Kontakt sound to Korg Kronos

I am using Kontakt 6 standalone with The GIANT piano library. I cannot figure out how to: Correctly configure Kronos so that it does not play its own sounds but works as a simple keyboard, playing ...
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How can I listen to specific keyboard presets online?

I would like to listen to a keyboard preset online. I know the model of the keyboard and the preset number, how could I find a recording? As an example, I'm interested in the Korg Kronos 88. If I ...
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Yamaha P-105 + korg module x5dr ( how to connect?)

i just like to ask something and need your confirmation if these particulars will work together. I have yamaha P-105 and i want to connect it to korg module x5dr. It says i need to have a usb-midi ...
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Sequencing Multiple Patches on One Synth

My question comes after reading this passage from Paul White's Basic Midi book: "Most modern synths and PC soundcards are capable of playing back up to 16 different sounds at once, each controlled ...
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How can I connect my Korg 01/W directly to my Dell laptop

I have a Korg 01/W, connected to a Roland Sound Canvas, connected to an Presonus Audiobox interface, connected by USB cable to my Dell laptop. I have the Light version of Cubase. The manual shows the ...
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