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Questions tagged [lily-scheme]

Scheme is a programming language in the Lisp family, it is used internally by the higher level language LilyPond — for music engraving.

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4 votes
2 answers

LilyPond: parenthesized hairpin

I found LilyPond code to place a hairpin between parenthesis like this: You can see that the result overlaps with the bar line. The code that does it is some hard-core Scheme hackery. One obviously ...
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Difference between "Extending LilyPond" and "Scheme (in LilyPond)"

What are the differences between Extending LilyPond and Scheme (in LilyPond)? AFAICS there is on the one side the work of Urs Liska in this github repository that was forked by Jean Abou Samra (see ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Create a custom articulation in LilyPond

Could someone provide me with a minimal example of a new, custom articulation in LilyPond? Let's say, for the sake of simplicity, that we use glyph "a" as the articulation, and let's call it ...
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1 answer

Modify markup with a scheme function

This seems quite straightforward, but I've spent far too much time struggling. I frequently using markup of the form: \markup \with-url#"https:\\ ..... t=214" {ref} This creates a ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Create new \score-like context/template in Lilypond

My current project is to create a number of short snippets for doumbek. To create each snippet, I use the following \score block: \header { piece = "Name here" } % different for each ...
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Lilypond: Single bar, multiple repeat

Drum charts are often very repetitive, so frequently a bar will have a repeat count indicated above it. Examples shown here: (from I've been able ...
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3 votes
1 answer

correctly calling a lilypond scheme function

I have some general questions regarding calling a scheme function which I will ask using the following example code (which gives no errors and produces an output pdf): \version "2.20.0" ...
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2 answers

How to define a LilyPond function to return set of notes given a pitch?

I'm working on a song with a repetitive rhythm that changes pitch. As this would normally involve a large amount of repeated typing, so I would like to define a LilyPond function to do this for me. I'...
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