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Questions tagged [lily-scheme]

Scheme is a programming language in the Lisp family, it is used internally by the higher level language LilyPond — for music engraving.

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How to create a custom markup for chord names in lilypond

I am trying to display chord names left from the chord diagrams in lilypond. Based on answers in this question I was able to offset the positions of the diagrams and respective chord names, but the ...
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Lilypond : Multi bar, multi repeat in one measure

Following Lilypond: Single bar, multiple repeat, I want this for a multi measure repeat. I'm converted (./.) to (.//.) with percperc = \markup\concat{ \raise #0.5 \musicglyph #"" ...
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Lilypond - Slur arrow-heads changable between left and right side

I found this code for slur-arrows in this question and adapted this answer to make it look nicer. \version "2.22.0" slurArrow = \once \override Slur.stencil = #(lambda (grob) (let* ((...
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Slur shape change

Using LilyPond, I am re-typesetting a score which uses an unusual symbol. Essentially, it is a slur between two adjacent notes, but the slur is mirror-imaged around its longest dimension. ...
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