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Scheme is a programming language in the Lisp family, it is used internally by the higher level language LilyPond — for music engraving.

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LilyPond: parenthesized hairpin

I found LilyPond code to place a hairpin between parenthesis like this: You can see that the result overlaps with the bar line. The code that does it is some hard-core Scheme hackery. One obviously ...
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Modify markup with a scheme function

This seems quite straightforward, but I've spent far too much time struggling. I frequently using markup of the form: \markup \with-url#"https:\\ ..... t=214" {ref} This creates a ...
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How to define a LilyPond function to return set of notes given a pitch?

I'm working on a song with a repetitive rhythm that changes pitch. As this would normally involve a large amount of repeated typing, so I would like to define a LilyPond function to do this for me. I'...
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Create new \score-like context/template in Lilypond

My current project is to create a number of short snippets for doumbek. To create each snippet, I use the following \score block: \header { piece = "Name here" } % different for each ...
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correctly calling a lilypond scheme function

I have some general questions regarding calling a scheme function which I will ask using the following example code (which gives no errors and produces an output pdf): \version "2.20.0" ...
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