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A stringed musical instrument used in a great variety of instrumental music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the late Baroque.

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Why is Western European music harmonically driven?

I was reading an article where they said that the lute was derived from the oud, a fretless melodic Middle Eastern instrument. But they added frets to the lute in order to make it easier to harmonize ...
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Motivations to change a key in a transcription

I stumbled upon a transcription for guitar from a Lute piece. The original piece is written in G minor but the transcription is in A minor. From the transcriber's notes the bass line's octave was ...
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4 answers

Why are so many pieces originally written for the lute now arranged for guitar?

While looking for baroque music on Spotify (mainly Bach), I noticed that all of the pieces originally written for lute are arranged for guitar when played by contemporary artists. NOTE: This wasn't a ...
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Lute with L shaped neck

Near the start of the movie The Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960), Alan A'Dale plays a strange looking instrument. It is roughly 5 minutes into the movie. It looks like a lute but it has an L shape on ...
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Is it normal for an Oud/Lute not keeping in tune?

I just bought a 12 string oud/lute from Egypt, and I'm having some problems with its tuning. Sometimes when I twist the tuning peg to get in tuning, it releases suddenly and drops the tuning all the ...
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Why are Lutes so hard to tune?

It has been mentioned to me that a Lute player spends half his time tuning his instrument and the other half changing strings. Why is this so? What makes a lute a tuning nightmare?
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What kind of lute is this, which strings does it use and to which notes are they tuned?

Okay, that's actually 3 questions, but I would love to play this instrument. I acquired this lute (see images). It has 10 strings (5 currently missing). I want to replace them, and tune the lute. ...
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