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For questions about keeping an instrument or related gear in playable condition.

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Will a soak in mouthwash hurt mouthpieces?

I’m teaching wind instruments to grade 7 and 8’s after a decade of teaching primary music. Since covid, my school board mandates a specific cleaning solution must be used for sanitation. Brass and ...
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Silk classical guitar string gauge is too big for bridge holes

My classical guitar has a plastic bridge with pre-drilled or precast holes gauged for standard nylon classical strings. I got some silk strings which are a bit higher gauge and don’t all fit by just ...
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Malmart handchimes

Am new to handchimes and I seem to have two chimes that seem to stick at times How or what do I need to do to adjust them so they play without sticking?
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Will tuning old Bongos break the drum heads?

I have a set of old LP Aspire Bongos that I got from my father. They are probably 15 years old or so, and it's unlikely that they have ever been tuned, definitely not for last 12 years. I'd like to ...
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Leaky brand new Hohner Blues Harp?

I started playing harmonica about 6 months ago, on a Hohner Marine Band. I quickly learned to play clean, single notes, and draw bends have become second nature (I'm starting to integrate blow bends, ...
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How can I prevent filters from falling from my earplugs when I remove them?

I have a few pairs of flat-response attenuators (a.k.a. musicians earplugs). On one of them, the filters tend to fall when I remove the earplugs from my ear. How can I prevent that? Demonstration:
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Sliding whistle making weird noise

I recently bought a sliding whistle. Can't lie, it wasn't the most expensive, but it definitely was a not suspicious price. I tried using it, but the sound was very off. The best I can describe it is ...
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What should I look for in the written estimate provided by the technician for musical instrument servicing?

If the technician for musical instrument servicing provides with an estimate or explanation of the work that will be done, a written estimate will help understand what work is being done and how much ...
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Banjo maintenance

I have a 17 inch 4 string tenor banjo. It is about a 80 year old Beacon (28058 model). It has an animal skin membrane. How do I know how tight the membrane should be?
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Replacement screw for Yamaha CP300 stage piano

One of the screws that holds the top plastic case of our school's Yamaha CP300 stage piano was lost. It's an M5 threaded machine screw with a Phillips pan head that's approximately 25mm long and a ...
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