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Is there a drum module that doesn't have sound banks, just sends the MIDI signal out through USB or Bluetooth?

I bought a used Roland TD-4KP with added mesh pads and cymbals. The things is that the TD4 module that comes with it doesn't have the aux input for a 3rd cymbal, and some pads, like the toms, have a ...
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What are advantages of finger pads vs stick pads

I'm looking for a MIDI controller to input drum notes, primarily to recreate the sound of a rock drum set. Presently I am using a (semi weighted) keyboard. Despite having quite some practice by now, I ...
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How do I convert drum loops purchased online into MIDI drum racks in my DAW?

I am totally new to the world of loops, which seem to be a pretty big deal for some genres, such as EDM and techno. I've always taken pride in creating my drum beats from scratch and modifying the ...
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How to convert to Audio a MIDI recording routed to E-Drum module in Cubase 11

Well, I'm kind of confused here and I don't know what else to do. Let me explain because I think is kind of particular. I have an EF-Note 5x, whose module allows you to record MIDI and audio directly ...
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MIDI controller static interference - is it a thing?

I have two MIDI controllers. Some of them are sending data on their own (seem to happen with specific controls, more than others). Is it static, EMI, or something else, and what can I do about it? ...
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Hitting Snare, Kick and Ride at the same moments in a song

If I virtually (via a DAW) hit the snare, kick and ride at the same moments in a pop-rock song is that hard or challenging for seasoned drummers in case I wanted to play this song live? I would ...
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Practice drills for finger drumming

I have spent a bit of time learning to play drumkit but now I want to learn kit drumming with an MPC or midi controller in live performance. Are there different drills I should practice to learn ...
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Is it possible to connect an Android tablet to Cubase 10, to use it as a MIDI instrument?

I am using a Windows PC. I need a way to use my tablet as a drum machine. Is it possible to connect an Android tablet to Cubase 10, to use it as a MIDI instrument?
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Ableton New User Question: Using Drum Kits

Is there a way to use a drum kit without programming it? For example, if I click on the 808Core Kit.adg in the Browser Content Pane, I get an audio preview. However, if I drag it to a MIDI track, I ...
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Why is alternating kick and snare so common in beats?

I've been messing with finger drumming with midi controllers, and one thing I've noticed time after time is how prevalent alternating kick/snare. Especially Kick on Beats 1 and 3, and Snare on Beats 2 ...
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Issues mapping sample editing knobs from Korg volca sample to BeatStep Pro

I was able to map all of the sample slots on my Korg Volca sample to my BeatStep pro on the drums sequencer midi channels 1-10. I'm having a hard time mapping the knobs of the Volca Sample to the ...
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Simple MIDI/trigger pedals

I have an Arturia KeyStep and Roland SPD-SX, which I use with Ableton live. What I would like to do, is to connect two pedals of some sort that could be used as additional MIDI inputs. Are there any ...
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How do I record my drums onto computer with roland td1kv?

I am using Roland TD1KV electronic drum kit. The manual says that you can easily record your drums and transfer it into a computer using a "standard USB cable", "sold separately". What do they mean by ...
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Triggering melodic sounds with electronic drums?

I play a Roland TD-30K drum kit and have been working to extend what can be done with this incredible piece of technology for quite some time now. A sort of holy grail I have been aiming for is the ...
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Setting up a digital drum pad to play notes chromatically

I'm going through the user manual for the software I received with the purchase of an MPD 226 digital drum pad. At this particular point in the manual I'm being told that after loading a bass sound I ...
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