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For questions related to Bartók's famous Mikrokosmos (1926–1939), a work for solo piano in six volumes. Questions may also necessitate the bartok tag.

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Full bar rest at the end of piece

Béla Bartok's Mikrokosmos - Vol. I is a book of short and simple, yet quirky piano pieces. Piece No. 24. Pastorale is shown below. A full bar rest (for both hands) ends the piece. This is something ...
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Weird notation in Bartok's Microcosmos, Book 1, No. 9 [duplicate]

In Bartok's Microcosmos Book 1, Number 9, I found these notes floating between the staves, without any lines. What do they mean? What notes are supposed to be played?
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Symbol in bar 6 of Mikrokosmos piece “In Dorian Mode” [duplicate]

Today I came across an odd symbol in Béla Bartók's Microkosmos. The symbol occurs in Book 1, piece 32 "In Dorian Mode", bar 6. It looks like a dashed line that joins a note on the right hand staf and ...
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Play bar 7 of Mikrokosmos piece "In Dorian Mode" [duplicate]

I'm learning piece 32 "In Dorian Mode" of Bartok's Mikrokosmos, and I am puzzled by something at bar 7. Left and right hand staves are both written in the treble clef, and the last note of bar 7 is ...
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Is Mikrokosmos technical enough?

I'm an aspiring Jazz piano beginner but decided to quit using Czerny and Hanon for obvious reasons-hanon especially, because it might ruin my touch, and particularly because nearly everyone in my ...
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Contrary Motion - Can't understand the structure

Can somebody explain how the harmony works in Bartók's Mikrokosmos, BB 105, Vol. 1: No. 17 Contrary Motion (1)?: It seems that the right hand plays on C key and the left hand alternates between G and ...
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Bartok - Syncopation (1): Meaning of notes in between Grand Staff

Bartok - Mikrokosmos Book 1 - 91)* Syncopation(1) What's the meaning of the notes in between the Grand Staff?
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What do these square notes mean (in the left hand)?

What are these notes about? I had to learn this piece in 8-27-1963 in my first year at the music conservatory in Bern. The notes look like square notation, but the music was written in 20th. century. ...
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Unconventional key signature: sharps on F & G only?

This is from Bartók's Mikrokosmos, piece number 44. I must have come across this a long time ago and didn't understand it, so I crossed it off. 4 years down the line and I still don't get it. What is ...
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Bartok Mikrokosmos Book 3, no. 70

I have recently been trying to master this piece from Bartok's Mikrokosmos, and at first sight, it appeared daunting due to the fact that the right-hand part is in B major and the left-hand part is in ...
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Bartok - Mikrokosmos - Book 1 - 10 "With alternate hands": Thumb on a black key?

I have a question about the 10th exercise in Bartok's Mikrokosmos book 1 ("With alternate hands"): In the key signature the A's are indicated to be played flat. The left hand starts with it's fifth ...
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Odd symbol in Béla Bartók's Mikrokosmos Book 1

Today I came across an odd symbol in Béla Bartók's Microkosmos. The symbol occurs in Book 1, Score 21, Measure 8, at the end of a phrasing slur. It looks like a vertical bar that crosses only the ...
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