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Questions tagged [mixer]

Issues related to sound mixers, their usage, characteristics, etc.

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Connect Mackie C1604VLZ-3 (passive mixer) to Phonic 620 Powerpod (powered) Mixer

I am using powered monitors with the Mackie and have no amplifier for 2 passive monitors. I do have another mixer that is powered that I would like to use however I need to be able to control the mix ...
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Recording the parameters of a mix

Is there any DJ software available that allows you to record the parameters of a mix -- the offset and speed of the audio inputs, the levels of the left and right channels, the position of the ...
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No Slider Bar for Show Instruments in Tuxguitar 1.4

I'm running Tuxguitar 1.4 on Mac OS Sierra. When I go to Show Instruments all of the sliders for balance, volume, reverb etc are stationary as in there is no bar to slide them. It goes to either 27% ...
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Trouble with a Peavey XR 684

So, i honestly got this as a Christmas present, along with a ton of stuff a musician left here before moving to Ecuador (Two JBL TR125, i don't know, PA? A pretty old Peavey amplifier that i honestly ...
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Get output from keyboard in mono powered mixer

I have 2 keyboards that I want to connect to a powered mixer Work Kronus PRO 6500. The mixer has 6 mono inputs and 2 stereo RCA. First keyboard is a Korg that has 2 outputs L (mono) and R. This one ...
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Recording with Scarlett 2i4 in Audacity (Mac)

I want to record audio into Audacity via Scarlett 2i4 audio interface (connected to a Behringer DDM4000) on Mac, but I does not show up in the drop down list, I only see the integrated microfone, ...
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How to send audio from Yamaha MG16XU to Scarlett 2i2?

I am currently working for a radio station. And we're planning to live stream a program on youtube. Webcam mic is too noisy so I want to use the radio stream sound as youtube stream audio. But I don't ...
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