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For questions related to modal music, which can be understood as either a) pre-tonal music composed with modes, or b) modern music which uses modes instead of classical tonality.

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Modal Cadence Options

I understand that when playing in a mode, the cadences are quite different from tonal cadences. For example, in the Phrygian mode a cadence would be IV - iii (or II - i if we're renumbering the chords)...
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Difference between Modality, Tonality and Chord-naming conventions in a more practical way?

There is a lot of very valuable information about these terms that I have been reading lately - inline on SE and on other places on the web: What's the difference between "modal music"...
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In what way is music considered to be in a mode when accidentals seemingly contradict the mode?

Below is a piece I played recently. The tonic is E, the key signature is two sharps with C# being the Dorian aspect of the key signature. In the score C natural contradicts the key signature in nearly ...
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What are the key features to keep in mind when writing melodies in Mixolydian mode?

When writing a melody in the Mixolydian mode, you don't want it to sound as if it were in a major key. So how do you go about writing melodies in the Mixolydian mode, while maintaining the essence of ...
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Is there a standard set of cadences designed for the seven modes?

On Cadences for Modes and Modal Cadence Options, Dom, Richard, and I came up with a group of modal cadences. Specifically (correct order from Ionian to Locrian): Dom: ii-I, VII-i, II-i, II-I, VII-I, ...
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Are circle of fifths progressions generally practical for modes?

Earlier today I was working on mode utilizations, and as I was making a circle of fifths, here's what I got: C Ionian mode: C - F - Bdim - Em - Am - Dm - G - C (I - IV - viio - iii - vi - ii - V - I) ...
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