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Questions tagged [modern-music]

For questions about music written since approximately 1900. Please also use the requisite tag for any particular compositional techniques (e.g., "atonal") involved.

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7 answers

How often is the Sostenuto pedal used in classical and modern Piano Music?

In most of the pianos that we see today, the Sostenuto pedal does not exist. Only the pianissimo (una corda) and the sustain (damper) pedals can be seen. Throughout the time that I've been studying ...
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How is this dissonant harp sound achieved?

In "L’Impatiente de Balfour" for viola and harp by Claire-Mélanie Sinnhuber, there are some harp notes that sound somehow dissonant and metallic, almost like a prepared piano. In this video ...
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We love the Second Viennese School, but daughter's practice of Boulez's music is wearying us. How can we appreciate Boulez?

We love and listen to the Second Viennese School like Berg, Schoenberg, Webern — even before my daughter was born! My daughter's studying music at university. To guard privacy, I don't want to write ...
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Why is contemporary music for the recorder so weird?

Im a recorder enthusiast and I love playing early music. There is so much music from that time that fits for the recorder, but it is still limited. So I would like to go for more modern / contemporary ...
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8 votes
6 answers

I am confused about modes. Can someone explain it in these terms?

The way I remember modes is, for example, that I know that the Lydian mode is the major scale two half-steps up from the root. That is, I would play in the D major scale if I wanted to play in C ...
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3 answers

Are there physical dangers to preparing a prepared piano?

A prepared piano is a piano that has various objects applied directly onto (and perhaps into) the strings. The concept is most famous from John Cage, and his Sonata No. V is a common favorite; it's a ...
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Penultimate chord in Messiaen's Regard du Pere seems to break the pattern

I have a question about a particular chord in “Regard du Pere,” the first piece in the Vingt Regards Sur L'Enfant Jesus by Messiaen. I am using the 1947 Editions Durand and don’t know of any other ...
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3 answers

How to notate popular/contemporary song structures?

A problem I repeatedly run into when notating (either composing or arranging) popular/contemporary (i.e. not classical) music is notating the song structure using an efficient combination of repeats ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Messiaen's techniques of "Valeurs progressivement ralenties" and "Valeurs progressivement accélérées"

I was passively analyzing Olivier Messiaen's Vingt regards sur l'enfant-Jésus and I came across the marking Valeurs progressivement ralenties (resp. Valeurs progressivement accélérées) accompanied by ...
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Can Reich's Piano Phase be emulated with a delay unit?

Assuming a very clean digital delay with a "repeat n times" mode set to one repeat (like "Multi" on the EHX Canyon), mix at 50/50, and time starting at zero ms and increasing from ...
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4 votes
3 answers

What are inner and outer voices in music of late 20th century and 21st century?

In many textbooks voices are classified as inner and outer. Outer voices are the highest voice (soprano) and the lowest voice (bass), and the inner voices are all the other voices that are between the ...
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Is Escala's «Clubbed to Death» a passacaglia?

Escala's Clubbed to Death seems to be a passacaglia. It has a repetitive line throughout, over which counterpoint is added. In fact, it sounds similar to Biber's Harmonia artificiosa-ariosa: Partita ...
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Do there exist contemporary composers writing in the style of Viennese classical music?

Do there exist known contemporary composers who work in the style of the so-called Viennese classical period, and if so, who?
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What tension(s) do we usually use for i (minor of 1st) in a major-scale modern song?

I am a beginner in modern (Jazz?) piano and I am wondering how I should add tension(s) for "i" (minor of 1st) in a major-scale song. I am aware that, e.g., for I and IV (major of 1st and 4th)...
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2 answers

Exercises for 21st century piano sightreaders

There is already a large body of technical exercises for pianists based on common-practice music, such as major and minor scales and arpeggios or the books of Czerny, Hanon, etc. These exercises are ...
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conterpoint and melodic learning or other ways?

If I want to learn about melodic for composition, I have to learn counterpoint, that 's right? Or it has other ways or great books for learning about, please anyone help me I lost a lot of time for ...
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Shostakovich style (5th, 10th) [closed]

During my music education I was more focused on classical styles of western composers up until times of Beethoven. Namely, I understand the structure and some ideas behind music by Vivaldi, Bach, ...
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Waveform stitch/synthesis tool [closed]

Suppose you have multiple waveform snippets (mostly 1-2 seconds long each), and they all "somehow" fit together (i.e., are the respective beginning/end of each) => complement each other. ...
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Why oughtn't listeners try to hear where tone rows start and stop?

David McCleery. p. 27, Liner note to Discover Music of the Twentieth Century. Between 1912 and 1923 he [Schoenberg] wrote very few works, dedicating his time instead to developing the twelve-...
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How polytonal is Stravinsky's music?

Stravinsky is known to have used polytonality in some specific cases. Wikipedia, for instance, lists in its page of polytonal pieces: Petrushka, opening fanfare Symphony of Psalms, 3rd Movement ...
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What did Claude Debussy write? [closed]

Can someone please tell me where to find how many works did Claude Debussy write. Because I found two different results.
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Where to find modern Romantic style piano composers? [closed]

I've been enjoying Chopin, Mendelssohn, Liszt, Rach and other composers in the Romantic style, specifically piano solos and occasionally trios. I particularly like Chopin's Ballades, Nocturnes and ...
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How should I got about re-creating a melody in chiptune?

I am trying to recreate "Pure Vessel"(A.K.A. Path of Pain theme) by Christopher Larkin in chiptune. However, my first attempt at it was awful(my failed attempt), and I would appreciate it if I could ...
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Why are there multiple modern era styles?

I was wondering why there are multiple genres of modern era music, for example Minimalism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Serialism and Futurism. This variety of different styles wasn't present during ...
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Modern dance music?

It seems dance, even social dance, and "high art" music once walked hand in hand (waltz, for example) but now have parted ways. Is this the case? The last major dance compositions I know of are the ...
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