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Questions tagged [music-production-station]

A standalone piece of hardware that replaces DAWs that can be used to produce musical loops or even songs with sampling, sequencing and on-board effects. Very commonly used in hiphop. The Akai MPC series and Korg Electribe are famous music production stations.

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Mixes not translating [closed]

I have tried many things but for some reason mixes don't sound thick.I have this question my mixes are not translating properly is there any video or article that could help me?? thank you regards
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Recording with Scarlett 2i4 in Audacity (Mac)

I want to record audio into Audacity via Scarlett 2i4 audio interface (connected to a Behringer DDM4000) on Mac, but I does not show up in the drop down list, I only see the integrated microfone, ...
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Where can I find useful stuff to learn music production?

I'm trying to learn how to produce music. More specifically, I use a lot of MIDI for orchestral/chamber works. And as a classically trained musician, I don't find it useful when they start trying to ...
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Practice drills for finger drumming

I have spent a bit of time learning to play drumkit but now I want to learn kit drumming with an MPC or midi controller in live performance. Are there different drills I should practice to learn ...
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What’s the Purpose of “Mixing” a song

Can someone explain to me what the purpose of a “mixing down” a song is, and the purpose of it is. Oftentimes, next to certain pieces equipment, a “mixer” is regarded as probably the most important ...
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What is a quantizing percentage?

In certain DAWs (such as Reason) and music production stations there's a quantization percentage. I understand quantization, it's like auto-tune for rhythm. That is, quantization adjusts the beats ...
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