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What is the best way to prepare myself for playing trumpet in a musical?

I am a grade 4 trumpeter and am preparing to play in our school musical "Our House" (inspired by the band Madness). We are peforming this on 3 consecutive evenings and in the afternoon of ...
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Do young singers need to rotate their roles but not older ones?

This question is based on the following line in the Wikipedia article on Éponine (a character from Les Miserables): Éponine is also featured in the stage musical adaptation. She is played by two ...
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0 answers

How do I develop an Iron Voice? [duplicate]

I was recently cast as the lead in my school's musical. I normally sing bass 2 but will be singing up and beyond my range for this show. The problem I always seem to have is that my voice deteriorates ...
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6 answers

How do you obtain orchestral/instrumental parts for individual songs from a musical theatre show? [closed]

Looking to purchase instrumental or orchestral parts to individual songs from many different musicals in order to perform them in a concert. All I can find is piano parts written for piano/vocal ...
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1 answer

Arrow below staff pointing to number

What does this arrow below the staff pointing to six mean? Do I repeat the measure until 6, rest until 6, or something else? If it helps at all this is pit orchestra music for a musical :) Thanks!
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More Terms for Melodic Functions in Narrative Situations

Leitmotifs (which in this context I mean as a motif or theme representing a person, place, thing, idea, etc.) are one of the only music theory concepts that have really escaped into (comparatively) ...
5 votes
2 answers

Is it a reasonable assumption that the best singers perform the lead roles?

For example, is it reasonable to assume that in a performance of The Phantom of the Opera, the best female singer plays Christine and the best male singer(s) play Raoul and the Phantom? Intuitively it ...
12 votes
3 answers

What is meaning of “concert” in this musical theatre score?

In rehearsals for a production of American Idiot musical and this reference to “concert” is in the score. My guess is this means male parts should sing in the written concert pitch instead of an ...
8 votes
2 answers

Why do theatre performers 'quiver' their mouths when doing vibrato?

The classic things you learn from anywhere is that vibrato comes from healthy singing technique and good breath control. Singing gently, you can attain a nice vibrato without having to move your mouth ...
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2 answers

How do amateur and professional theatres obtain full script and score, along with choir for popular musicals?

In my final year of high school, I took pleasure in working with my fellow students in perfecting The Wizard of Oz, one of my favorite works of all time. I’ve wanted to understand the composition and ...
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0 answers

How to describe unmistakable similarity in two Andrew Lloyd Webber songs?

So, I'm a very elementary music student with a theatrical background, and I want to ask a professor about what I hear as a very marked similarity between a couple of songs from different Andrew Lloyd ...
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Hamilton, in Hamilton's lifetime?

So, lately I'm enjoying the soundtrack to Hamilton, the hip-hop musical. One of the things I've found interesting about it is that while the style is coming from a lot of African-American genres which ...