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A text-based format for exchanging sheet music

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How to convert Sibelius score to MusiXTeX?

I want to create images of bars of notated music for use in video. Is there a way to write the score on Sibelius and then export this to some Python library in order to better create the images for ...
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Accidentals on trills and turns in MusicXML

On trills and turns, in order to change the pitch of the note above or below, in printed music, accidentals are displayed right above or below the trill or turn. I don't see how this is expressed in ...
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rest at the begining of the song in musicxml

I've been studying diverse musicXML files with MuseScore and I've found that usually rest notes are easily represented and visible in its musicXML file. Yet, I found this 'repeated rest' at the start ...
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MUSICXML - what octaves does it use?

I noticed that .musicxml used an open g string in guitar as a 3rd octave note. However in classical guitar wouldn't this be the second octave. What octave system does the .musicxml format use? Or like ...
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How to convert Humdrum files to Lilypond format?

I have some Humdrum krn score files and want to make Lilypond files out of it for further processing and output generation. What ist the best way to do this? I tried the user interface Frescobaldi ...
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Possible to place a chord diagram summary before the music notation in MusicXML or MuseScore?

Is it possible to place a chord diagram summary (fretboard legend) before the score music in MusicXML or MuseScore? If yes, then how? Background: The chord diagram summary (i.e. fretboard legend) ...
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2 answers

GuitarPro: How to mass remove a certain percussion instrument using MusicXML

I've been modifying some drum tabs on Guitar Pro. The problem is, for a specific section I want to remove all the cabasa notes. (Instrument 69) Now of course, I can do it one note at a time. But I'll ...
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Does MusicXML support roman numerals and/or functions?

Does MusicXML support roman numerals and/or functions (such as T for tonic)? I know this can be done via a workaround, namely using lyrics and a special font. But I am talking about dedicated support. ...
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2 answers

Mass-convert MIDI files to notated form

In an earlier question, I asked for a resource of playable files for 4-part dictations, and alephzero kindly pointed me towards 5000 generated chorales. These are great, but unfortunately, they only ...
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How to properly create ties from midi file

I'm writing an application to display sound files on Android tablet. I have made some researches and found Midi Sheet Music which is fast enough and quite easy. But it doesn't display ties at all. ...
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3 answers

Online database of four part hymns

I'm looking for an online database of four part hymns and chorales so that my chamber group can practice intonation. I don't care where the chorales / hymns are from or what they are about, as long ...
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2 answers

How do I notate sharps in ABC notation?

I'm trying to convert the dozenal representation of tau (=2*pi) to a series of notes. I was trying to use ABC notation, but I don't know how to indicate sharps or flats. I'd like to use a notation as ...
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2 answers

Does MusicXML support arbitrary text?

Is there a way to format a MusicXML file to include arbitrary text, e.g. at the bottom of a sheet? I'm trying to write additional verses to a song without having to show them underneath the notes.
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13 votes
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Lilypond to MusicXML to Sibelius

Is there any reliable program to convert a fully-fledge piece in Lilypond format to MusicXML, such that Sibelius can read the original Lilypond notation? Basically, I need to edit a score which is ...
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