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Questions about keeping appropriate nails, usually to improve playability of an instrument.

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Are short finger nails on the strumming hand not uncommon in flamenco and classical guitar?

I'm well aware that longer finger nails are common on the strumming hands of flamenco and classical guitarists. I'm thinking of trimming my nails right back to see if this would impair playing, ...
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2 answers

Fingernail and hand care for pianists

I've never given much thought to nail/hand care. I keep my nails short and generally don't use lotion, because it transfers to the keytops. I'm also prone to hangnails, and every once in a rare while ...
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1 vote
3 answers

How to make nails grow faster?

I have injured the nail on my right hand thumb, so I will not be able to use it for some time. I might have to wait until it regrows about 4 mm of length. Is it possible to make nails grow faster? ...
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4 answers

Should I use finger picks when playing fingerstyle guitar?

I came across fingerpicks while browsing through the web: Is it recommended that I buy them and use them for practice? I ...
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2 answers

Nailcare for guitarists?

I know that having your nails too long or short is bad, particularly for classical/fingerstyle guitarists, but what constitutes to having 'good' nails? Bonus points for pictures/external articles