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Questions tagged [notation]

For questions about visual representation of music and its uses. If the question is about a specific type of notation like tablature, that should also be tagged. Questions about how to input specific notation are best served with the engraving tag.

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Horizontal arrow protruding from a note

I've found some notation that I'm not familiar with in the violin part for the musical Tuck Everlasting. It's a horizontal arrow that starts at the stem of a note and points rightward along the staff: ...
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Hairpins in Late Classical and Romantic Music

I have spent a year and a half researching the notational enigma of hairpins in late classical and romantic music, and now I am at a bend in the road. The esteemed Czerny claims that opening and ...
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A Question about Avid Sibelius 2021 and Kontakt (.nki) instruments

Since Sibelius is just using a version of Kontakt in the background to play its own sounds, can I build Sibelius Soundsets that are based on nothing but the .nki files in my authorized Kontakt ...
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What was the first published "cutaway/cut-out" score?

Sometimes scores are formatted so that silent measures are completely omitted—not just left empty, but left blank, including the staff. The oldest score in this style that I have seen is Lutosławski's ...
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What are some effective warmups/excercices for open throat singing before actual singing or performance?

Soo, I am studying open throat singing to learn natural vibrato & control tension on my riff and runs/melisma... I don't know but when I try to do some open throat singing of which I followed on ...
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How can I make a standard notation for all beatbox sounds?

I'm working on a beatbox site, and I can use the old school notation for beatbox, like "K" for KSnare, "B" for kick, and "Peh" for peh snare. This is my website but the ...
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Chord symbols in staff in Sibelius

When I write guitar parts in Sibelius I currently use a slash notation (4 slashes with no stems in each measure and chord symbols above staff), but I want to make it even simpler for my guitarist and ...
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(24-EDO) Microtonal chord symbols for these chords

I came across some interesting chords recently in a series talking about 19-EDO but I found that a lot of them work quite well in 24-EDO as well, and they are shown below. I can get behind everything ...
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LilyPond - How do I create a ChordName context that can stack or show multiple ChordNames simultaneously?

Suppose I have one melody line that is repeated (e.g., singing multiple verses), but the chords should be different the second and third times through. I want these to be defined in their own ...
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How can I set LilyPond's "Point and Click" from Skim to VSCode?

I'm working on on MacOS High Sierra, and I'm trying to use Point and Click so that Skim (PDF viewer) redirects to a specific file/line/column/character/letter/whatever on VSCode. I've found a couple ...
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Beautiful quote about "B durum"

This one goes out to all the scholars and historians. I'm trying to put together a little booklet, for my students, to explain the accidental markings (sharp, flat etc) and where they come from. My ...
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Entering Chords With Frescobaldi

how do we insert chords over a melody with Frecobaldi/Lilypond?
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When to use natural vs. artificial harmonics

I am working on the above homework assignment regarding string harmonics. I'm stuck on exercise #2. What are the rules or guidelines for determining whether a pitch should be played via a natural or ...
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How to control riff and runs effortlessly? (Singing) (I'm bad at breath control)

Soo, I can do riff and runs nicely, cleanly separated but has bad control and very bad breath control (i think), i have tensions all over my body but not too much. Soo, I feel like I'm not prepared ...
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