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Questions tagged [numbered-notation]

A form of music notation where notes are represented as numbers instead of on a staff. Numbered notation is commonly used in Eastern music.

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How to determine key in a piece of Chinese folk music

When viewing a piece of music that is notated like this, how does one determine the key? A student sung it to me, and I was able to figure out that the numbers correspond to the scale degrees in a ...
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Is there any book on the numbered notation system? [closed]

I am interested in the numbered notation system (a.k.a. jiǎnpǔ), and I would like to know if there was any book in order to learn about the details of it (fingering, for example). I already read the ...
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How to print notehead with actual notevalues and octaves in lilypond

I need the note heads to be printed in notes with octave. The below code in lilypond prints C, D, E, F, G, A, B in notehead: \version "2.20.1" { \easyHeadsOn \clef treble <c d e f g a ...
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standard notation and the numbered notation

So I have been playing piano for 1.5 years and my biggest obstacle for learning piano is definitely to play both hand, I’m still struggling right now, maybe I improve a little bit, but still very much ...
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Numbered Notation: Song in G for a Dizi in D

When you close the three holes next to the blowing hole, you get the key of the Dizi, which is D in my case as well as in this video, and if I close all the holes, apparently I get an A. In this case, ...
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Pitch notation in different countries

In the United States we use scientific pitch notation to identify each note on the piano keyboard. Each note is identified by its letter name and its octave number. So in SPN, Middle C would be C4, ...
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How do I read guitar tabs written in this format?

I need some help learning how to read some Chinese guitar tabs I found online. They seem completely different to the standard Western format: I don't even know where to start with these, I suppose ...
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Music notation software for JianPu and erhu notation

My wife's band, which features the erhu, uses music notation like the page shown below. We want to take hand-written scanned/faxed from stained napkins with bad handwriting and two-side bleedthrough ...
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Bracketed phrases in numbered notation

I have some sheet music for a Hulusi (a Chinese instrument somewhat similar to a recorder), in numbered notation: Some of the phrases are bracketed, like the "061 | 321" on the fourth line. What does ...
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Note length line (beam) placement in numbered musical notation

I am making a computer application for typing numerical / numbered musical notes. I have some question regarding note length line / beam. Will it have a same meaning if we place the beam either on ...
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3 answers

How should 3 notes joined with 1 beam line drawn on 5-staff-line?

Straight to the question, if I have this following numerical scores notation : 4/4, Do=C How to draw it into staff musical notation (If you have better way to say this musical notation type, please ...
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Understanding a Chinese guitar tab

A Chinese friend of mine requested I learn her favourite guitar tune: However, I have big trouble undestanding the convention used is this tab. Could someone ...
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