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A large musical instrument having ranks of tuned pipes sounded by air from a windchest, and played using one or more keyboards and commonly a pedalboard to produce a wide range of timbres. The ranks of pipes are controlled by stops around the keyboards.

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What's the best method for learning how to play triplets over quavers?

I've always struggled to play pieces where one part is in quavers (or any multiple thereof) and another is in triplets (or any odd number). I'm going to have to finally conquer it, as I am attempting ...
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How does a pipe organist deal with latency or delay?

I've seen church setups (choir loft in back) where the organ console is 30 Meters or more away from the pipes. That implies that there would be a minimum of 100 milliseconds from pipe sounds back to ...
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What is the reason for the many manuals on a pipe organ?

Pipe organs may have as many as five "manuals", each of them almost the size of piano keyboard, and if would not be enough may even feature the feet keyboard. And my 88 key piano keyboard already ...
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What does Grt. and Sw. mean in this organ score?

I've come across a piece of sheet music for an organ and I was just curious what the Grt. marking above measure 1 and 17 means and what the Sw. marking above measure 9 means. I've seen it before in a ...
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Linking organ pedals to a keyboard

Having 'rescued' the bass pedals from an old organ, I wish to use them as add-ons to my keyboards, when the bassist can't make it.What is a simple way to connect them so that they work through the ...
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What does "of the first/second/third/etc. tone" mean in Iberian keyboard music?

For example, "Tiento de 5° tono" - The fifth tone? Mixolydian? I'm not sure about whether "tono" refers to a scale mode because the music is scattered with accidentals that don't seem to follow the ...
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