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For questions about 8va (all'ottava) and related notation.

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Ledger Lines vs. 8va notation

As musicians sight reading music – are you very comfortable reading parts in ledger lines or is it more convenient having higher/lower parts notated within the staff with an 8va (or 8vb) symbol? For ...
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What is the meaning of an 8 followed by dotted lines?

In Hanon's The Virtuoso Pianist - exercise 33, there are dotted lines with the numeral 8 above and below joining three measures together - what do they mean?
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How do accidentals apply with octave signs?

In the measure below, does the natural sign still apply with the octave up sign? The first natural sign (first blue square) means that all following E5's in that measure will be natural, so the first ...
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Is "16va" proper notation?

Is the notation "16va" or "16vb" ever used to mean to transpose what is written up or down two octaves? I cannot think of how else you would represent the highest and lowest notes ...
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Why use 5 or more ledger lines below the bass clef instead of ottava bassa lines for piano sheet music?

One thing that has bothered me when listening to classical music with the sheet music also scrolling by is its persistent use of 5 or more ledger lines for low enough bass clef parts instead of ottava ...
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Do accidentals carry through 8va? [duplicate]

I recently picked up a collection of Czerny exercises, including Thirty New Studies in Technics, Op. 349. In number 12, measure 17 begins with a C# accidental. Later in the measure, in the 8va section,...
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Octave changes on 2nd time

Suppose a piece of music contain two subsequent parts than differ only by octaves (say, second part is entirely 8va). Is there any way to show this in sheet music, except by writing each part ...
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Very high notes on the treble clef

I was wondering, why on most music sheets the high notes on a treble clef are written above the upper lines and take up so much space on a page whereas it would be better to use 8va and 16va to notate ...
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8va or clef change?

I've been transcribing music on and off for a few years now as a hobby and noticed while reading someone else's sheets that they have heaps of clef changes midway through the piece. It sort of blew my ...
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LilyPond: stack order of Multimark engraver

I continue my struggle (began here) with engraving Barrozo's collection of Czerny exercises. The problem is in engraving brackets that Barrozo uses to mark parts for repetition. Following advice of ...
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