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An electromechanical device for amplifying the vibrations from guitar strings. Pickups can consist of ferromagnetic poles wrapped with copper coils for amplifying the vibrations of steel-based strings or piezoelectric crystals which amplify vibrations of the guitar bridge or body. These are both distinguished from microphones.

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Hum happens with one guitar but not another

I'm having a problem that many of you must have already had. I have an old guitar with old humbuckers ( a Jolana, Galaxis model, 1970's Czech guitar) that is producing that classing "not grounded&...
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Question about pickup phase

I currently have a hss guitar setup with a coil split and a five way blade selector. in 2st position with the coil split, it’s like a regular hss Strat with the middle single coil and the slug coil of ...
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Strange hum when I touch a wire inside pickup cavity

I am trying to diagnose some shoddy wiring of some active pickups. All the wiring is done and appears to work. However I get: some buzz from neck pickup when a note is played. Bridge pickup is fine ...
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Controls on my Vantage VS-696 guitar

I have this Vantage VS-696 guitar for decades that I used to use as a "Silent guitar" and never plugged in any amp. Today I'm plugging it into a DSM & Humboldt Simplifier and I fail to ...
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