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Use this tag whenever the topic involved relative or absolute tones. It can be the frequency of a note, or perhaps the comparison of a tuned instrument vs an untuned one.

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How is the starting pitch chosen/remembered for music sung in Abenaki culture?

I'm learning to sing and teach to children several Abenaki songs. I was careful to be authentic in sourcing them, and am working through a book and audio recordings prepared by a Penobscot elder and ...
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Lyrical Contralto vs Dramatic Mezzo-soprano

I'm a self-taught singer who would like to ask about lyrical contralto vs dramatic mezzo-soprano. The range of my voice is from F3 - F5. On the upper end, I can sing up to C5 quite comfortably. (I've ...
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How to route midi to mauto pitch to control notes in audio

I want to add mauto pitch to an audio sample and then route midi information to mauto pitch for it to adjust the notes in the audio to, like in this video: but with fl ...
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