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How can I create a tie or slur that goes to nothing in MuseScore 3 (let ring notation)?

I am transcribing the string bass part from a piece we are playing in Concert Band. It has numerous "let ring" notes, pizzicato with ties or slurs going to open space. How can I do this in ...
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What does it mean when the same note with the same length is on the same stem for the same instrument? [duplicate]

In Ravel's "Bolero" the violas play a repeated pattern in pizzicato that grows more and more complex. The second form, however, beginning at m. 21, has a notation that puzzles me. The middle ...
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Can you actually play pizzicato with regular bowed notes ( at the same time )?

In the beginning of this video it looks like the player is actually pizzicatoing with the left-hand and playing regular notes on a different string, is that what is happening? Is that even a thing?
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Anyone know how to get Sibelius to playback pizzicato at a softer dynamic level without writing the dynamic ridiculously soft?

Sibelius playback of pizzicato is much louder than arco for strings. I end up making two copies of a score. One with the dynamics as they should be written for pizzicato for printing and another copy ...
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Can left-hand pizzicato be balanced between open and stopped strings?

When I attempt left-hand pizzicato on an open string I get a resonance that is so loud compared to muted sound I can get with left-hand pizz on a stopped string that if played in the same passage the ...
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Pizzicato notation

I'm trying to figure out what (if any) norms apply to notation for pizzicato. As explained here, we have: Do we not have any symbols used to indicate right-hand pizzicato? I have only seen it ...
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How is pitch controlled when executing a left-hand pizzicato on a violin?

My understanding of how a violin works is: the left hand controls the pitch by pressing down on a certain position on the string. This changes the length of the vibrating section and therefore pitch. ...
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